Welcome To Madeline Springs

As an event styling obsessed mama, it was inevitable to throw my little babes the most stylish first birthday soiree you could ever ask for!

Welcome to my first kids party EDIT babes! My little honey pie turned ONE & I am beyond excite to share all the little things with all my OMG loverssssss! Welcome to Madeline Springs babes!

I am so proud to say that I got to experience collaborating with all my GO-TO local suppliers / talented creatives / small businesses in our beautiful country of NEW ZEALAND!!! I can't even deal how incredible they all are. TEAM WORK TO MAKE THE DREAM WORK I legit just sent thru my brief with the chosen colour palette, my theme, and my vision, and with that they just did their thang, created their own, came thruuuuu & together we created MAGIC!!! So thank you endlessly to my dream team for featuring at Madeline Springs!! #SQUADGOALS 

First if all can I just say how time flies when your having fun right?? I couldn't believe how fast that first year went! One thing I’m roaring like a lion *FIERCE* pushing her out in to this world then all of a sudden I'm planning her first birthday.. eeeekkk! I will be honest, Mama & Daddy were just so indecisive on how to celebrate, to keep it low key or go all out?? So I kind of did a bit of both.. because our little mads gets a bit clingy when she is out of her comfort zone I decided to transform our home into Madeline Springs! Where she was comfy AF and got to enjoy her day with all her favs! Our nearest and dearest! 

I got all the inspo feels through my TWO ULTIMATE FAVS- Creating Beautiful & Florence Knows - ummmm like seriously they are goals, they are like my ' Beyoncé & BadGalRiRi' in the event styling world. Like I can't even deal, I look up to both of them on so many levels in regards to inspo so I def want to take a minute & appreciate them both - I am your number one fan gals! I have been stalking y'all since day one + your work motivated me to create my OMGNESS so seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. So here I am, just totally crushing on both events that I saved this special theme for my little babes! I took a little bit of this from ‘Vivenne’s first Birthday’ + a little bit of that from ‘Camilla Turns ONE’ & added my own OMGNESS twist of PINK & PALM and created Madeline Springs!


 That tropical wall that had everyone crushing over was from The Flower Wall NZ accompanied with that gorge Perspex custom made signage by the lovely Monique from Number Nine Designs?? HOW CUTE RIGHT?!

“Oh Madeline Gal, you are just loving yourself and yo three cakes!” - because one is not enough for this diva! When you have three cake andbesties you can't choose one?? CHOOSE EM ALL! There is room for errrrrrrybody babes! Using my colour palette of pink’s + blush tones and hint of greenery, my gals Briar from Our Little Kitchen, Whitney from Buttercream Cakery and Courtney from Courtney Lee Cakery came thru with the most beautiful Madeline Spring vibe cake designs! Like am I lucky or what?? Auckland - we seriously have some talented cakerys creatives, not only do they look BADASS they taste BADASS-  I wanted to show you what ouralented creatives in our beautiful city capable of.

Briar from Our Little Kitchen whipped that gorgeous two tiered MUVA cake, with gold foliage, baby ferns, pink macaroons, and roses?! Like all the excitement feels when I go to pick up her cake and see her designs - what toppings she used? - What colours she used? Her picture perfect drips - like I can't deal. And I'm not even joking the taste of her cakes are insane it's like your biting into a chocolate bar with her little chocolate surprises within every bite inside?!

Yes that ‘Madeline’ cake’ topper proudly sitting ontop of that MUVA masterpiece was made from the one & only Love From Seventeen - (us IG mamas all know lovefrom17!) Why I chose this styled topper was because LV17 was the first topper I had ever bought for my eldest daughter Mila-Rose's 5th birthday last year (before my styling days) Toppers are quite a trendy these days, my cakes feel naked without one! I just fell in LOVE so of course I had to get Madeline matchy matchy topper just like her big sister. I chose bamboo because it's neutral & timeless as I plan to use this topper on like literally every single one of their birthday cakes for the rest of their life LOL Again so much sentimental value, something we can keep forever! Mamas if you haven't checked them out you need to Kylie stocks a collection of original cut, etched and printed wooden decor, dreamt up and designed in NZ!!

My gal Whitney from Buttercream Bakery created the amaze blush + palm smash cake! As well the gorgeous vanilla palm cupcakes.Whitney& I go way back, I have been getting all my birthday cakes from her since like I can't even remember, like not even joking I live in West Auckland, and I would drive all the way to Karaka to pick up my cakes from her! That is 100% dedication & loyalty! distance will not stop me!

But seriously tho this creation is just so freaking BOMB.com, from the colour to the placement of the palms, so creative my girl keep doing what your doing! I usually get Nutella/Ferraro flavour from her but on this day we went with banana and it sent to heaven. Stay tuned for TIPS to CAKE SMASH blog post mama

Courtney from Courtney Lee Cakery who created the semi naked mini cake with a baby pink drip as well as all of Madeline's Personalised Cookies. We all know Courtney as the Cookie Queen but she also slays cakes too! I actually tagged along my bestie wedding cake tasting at Courtney's and I can actually say I tasted every one of her flavours and it was so YUMMMMMMMMMMM!! Please take a seconds to read what her cookies say! I worded them myself HAHA such a fun quirky way to eat your cookies tho! Maddie can't read them so what?! Hahaha sorry not sorry

Mandy from Red Pepper Designs last minute came thru with the rose gold ‘CAKE SMASH’ topper + baby pink ‘Babygal turns one’ topper for our other two cakes needing some topper loving! How cool! I found them through the famous NIUAFE and just had to have their work featured to show a whole range of toppers! This talented boss lady can make you whatever acrylic topper you desire! Make sure you check out her work!! Thank you endlessly Mandy!!

The Balloon Installation was done by me myself and I! (LOVE MYSELF) also huge thank you to Hugo & Grace Parties for providing with all the balloons I needed last minute and gifting maddie that adorable rose gold ‘1’ Balloon. Floral wreaths + Milestone board was created by Mazatash I did have my florist Renee from Jardinbell on board to help me create the final look by providing me with all the palm + pretty florals for the whole get up! She is upcoming and about to take over the floral world! If your after a florist ladies hit her uppppp you won't regret!

Kids table is my FORTE and I was super lucky to get my hands on Partini Mini Ghost Chairs featured at my white kids trestle table from my OMG HIRE range! All the stylish Table ware + Partyware including the hollograhic party script balloon + baby pink ‘1’ balloon from one of my fav’s party boutiquesParties Made Pretty. The CUTE AF cookie favours were made by Courtney Lee Cakery and the yummy palm vanilla Cupcakes made by Buttercream Cakery. Palms + touches of blush was just a match made in heaven.I LOVE MYSELF

BIRTHDAY SUIT?! Every gal needs the perfect birthday outfit and of course I choose ‘all white errrythang’ get up with the Penny & Co snow angel wings top (IM OBSESSED AND HAVE BEEN SINCE I WAS PREGNANT!) and of course a Owl and Monkey NZ hand made tutu. A special little baby fresh flower crown was gifted by the our honey Jardinbell This outfit combo had my little babes looking on point and ready to get LIT off sugar and cake LMFAO!

Big thank you to Alarice from Brand Babes Studio for the dope as Event Branding & a extra thank you to Emma from The Uhila Collection for spending the day with us and capturing these beautiful photographs!!


There is room for everybody & I am so about this life! About all the supportive and empowering vibes! How awesome that I got to bring in this incredible group of suppliers and local businesses to all do our thang a create some magic!! All the way from little Auckland,NZ! I know this post was long and I am soooo sorry but I hope you take all this info with you, and one day when you need plan yo your party, you contact these incredible people I got to work with!





Flowerwall NZ - https://theflowerwallnz.com

Number Nine Design - https://www.instagram.com/numbernine.design/

Our Little Kitchen Co - https://www.ourlittlekitchenco.com

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Alarice Stuart