1.     Cake Smash is pretty new trend to the birthday game.

Cake Smash has become quite a popular trend in the last decade. So don’t get all mad at yo mama if you didn’t have one at your first birthday party babes haha. I have only recently seen #CAKESMASH spam the gram in the last few years – I just fall in love every time!. If only take me back 5 years ago when when we celebrated my 1st born babes Mila-Rose first year - if I had knew about this cake smash trend back then, I would have totally been all about that life and def gone all out! Soz Mila! But here we are, our little Madeline first birthday flew by and OMGNESS got to plan style + create one for my own little honey pie!... BUT BABES, first time for everyone & not all went to plan LMAO so please let me share with you all my tips and my OMG advice for yall planning a future cake smash’s

2.     What Is A Cake Smash?

A cake smash is pretty much a cute Little buttercream cake -  which for your little babes, and your little babes alone, to do whatever they want or choose... to smash or not to smash? Aint hurt nobody to style your cake smash set and make a IG worthy pic for your babies to reflect on when they grow up right?! LOL #doitforthegram. If Styling is in your forte &  you wanna make it CUTE AF my advice is to plan your background, have a few props, but keep it simple so that the focus is on your little babes. 

Because we were shooting at home, I chose Madeline’s happy place at our house, you know, the spot that she no doubt would always try escape to LOL.. This happy place is a 2-step stairway located at our front patio by the front gate to our house (yesss the worst spot EVER for paranoid mama in regards to car safety and driveways FML!!! shes cheeky that one). To create my backdrop I used the Poppies and Grace Pink Shimmer Streamer Set accompanied with a pretty pastel Pink Number ‘1’ Foil Balloon, these products you can find at  Parties Made Pretty - the place I find all my TO-DIE, on-trend, modern, fun partyware!!

My creative idea to document maddies amazing first year was by having a ‘Milestone board’ design & custom made by Mazatash.

3.   First Taste Of Sugar

 That said, the idea behind the cake smash is to ceremoniously give your baby their first real taste of sugar.. But we didn’t feel quite right about feeding our one year old a sugar filled cake yet, so instead I asked my gal Whitney from Buttercream Cakery to do the honours of whipping the perfect raw, vegan cake for the Madeline’s first sweet food. needless to say, she nailed it! Yaaaasss She always does! My beautiful friend whitney’s skills are entirely self taught and is one heck of a talented creative. Not only does Whitney create the most delicious sugar filled cakes, she can throw together yummy vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free and all that healthy jazz, all these sound perfect to me in regards to picking as CAKE for your baby to smash!

Sitting on that masterpiece is a gorgeous Rose gold #CAKESMASH topper designed and created by Red Pepper Designs. Make sure you you quickly check out their incredible products! You never know when you might need them! 

5.   Not All Babies Get Into It

Some babies love and some babies just cant deal – just like my daughter Madeline.  She pretty much had a full blown meltdown beforehand and during ...... and sure did not want a bar of no cake, no camera, no photo's  – but that’s because she refused to sleep prior. So mama’s and papa’s I would totally recommend a NAP beforehand..

6. How To Prepare

In order to prepare for the potential mess that a cake smash WILL bring, put a disposable table cloth on the floor and strip your child down to her/his nappy or Pick an outfit that will be okay if it stains – unlike me who was very unorganised and did not, and had her in birthday outfit gorgeous Penny & Co wings top + Owl & Monkey tutu #FASHIONISLIFE tutu not thinking that I would be on edge whole time to make sure she didn’t stain it HAHAHAHA like can I not? This was a learning experience for me BUT AT LEASE SHE LOOKED GOOD!! #firstforeveryone. Safe to say NO STAINS, and her outfit was still in great condition for her party. But seriously tho I just want to take a minute to appreciate her BIRTHDAY OUTFIT

6.   Wanna Milk Bath & Chill?

So After Madeline made it very clear that she was done,  my gorgeous photographer Emma from The Uhila Collective shared her brilliant idea of a warm milk bath for Maddie to enjoy while we still continue to shoot! YAAAS GAL YAAAS ! We filled up Jumbo bath with warm soapy water, threw in some fresh florals provided by Jardinbell & I then realised we had run out of milk LOL ( AGAIN, me so unorganised lol). In goes my nakey little babes and boom * MOOD CHANGE * She was finally so chill and in her happy place that we got to share beautiful moments with her, we even got to sneak  her a palm cupcake by Buttercream Cakery. If ya can’t bring the little babes to the Cake Smash, bring the Cake Smash to the little babes! IMPROVISE! I totally recommend a warm pretty floral milk bath to end your cake smash shoot – if you don’t have a bath at home or at your shooting location, a jumbo bucket will do! I actually need a milk bath filled with roses for myself right this second omg! 

7.   Priceless Photos

Have your camera ready! The reactions and faces are absolutely priceless. I go the Gorgeous Emma from The Uhila Collective to capture our first Cake Smash Experience! BIG THANK YOU TO HER!! Check out the photos we got from Madeline Cake Smash…… As you can tell she was not about that life so instead big sister mila took the spotlight and smashed her cake for her….

Vanessa Goodson